Second Party Certification

Second Party Certification

Ensuring Australian businesses, industries, and government bodies are meeting their obligations.


Second party certification ensures a supplier is meeting the requirements of their contract, including quality, safety, and environmental management. This might include control over manufacturing or construction processes,  managing cleanliness and health standards, or the provision of specific documentation.

To ensure the supplier is meeting their contractual requirements, an on-site audit of the supplier can be completed. Alternatively, an off-site audit can be completed by a certification assessment specialist who can review specific requirements along with related documentation.

Benefits of second party certification

There is a wide range of benefits to completing a second party audit:

  • Elevate brand reliability and trustworthiness
  • Improve transparency and trust between customer and supplier
  • Reduce risks and improve product or service quality
  • Recognise and correct problems or challenges
  • Ensure quality management systems and processes

At QMS, we provide professional auditing services to ensure your suppliers are meeting their contractual obligations. Our expertise covers a wide range of businesses, industries, and government bodies – listed below

Department of Treasury

On behalf of the Government, the Department of Treasury and Finance administers three regulatory schemes:

  • The Treasury prequalification scheme for consultants for building construction and maintenance services
  • The Treasury prequalification scheme for contractors for building construction and maintenance services
  • The Tasmanian component of the National Prequalification System for Non-residential Building (the NPS) for projects with a construction cost of $50 million or more.

The National Prequalification System for Non-residential Building (the NPS) was developed with the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC), along with all states and territories.

The NPS paves the way for contractors who want to become prequalified for a building contract over $50M. The process is designed to create certainty and consistency for the safety of public spaces.

Passenger Transport Operators Accreditation Scheme (PTOAS) 

The PTOAS is a compulsory scheme for operators of passenger transport services and vehicle rental/hire services. This applies to taxis, luxury hire cars, restricted hire cars, buses, and anyone who hires self-drive vehicles like rental cars, vans, and motor homes.

Transport services must have a safety management system in place to manage risks and minimise accidents. To achieve accreditation, transport services need to be audited. A professional auditor like QMS will review the service and report if it meets the Transport Commission’s criteria.

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) 

The National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) is a formal compliance scheme that recognises heavy vehicle operators who have robust safety management systems in place. Vehicle operators must be accredited with the NHVAS to show compliance and a clear understanding of their work requirements in line with road transport law.

Accreditation is managed by the NHVR.

The NHVR has two crucial documents that members must adhere to in order to participate in the NHVR: the NHVAS Business Rules and Standards, and the Advanced Fatigue Management Business Rules. The documents manage interactions between key parties, like the NHVR and vehicle operators. Consultants and auditors are also required to follow the NHVR’s business rules and standards to maintain consistency.

Making second party certification simple

At QMS, we’re committed to ensuring Australian businesses, suppliers, and government bodies are meeting their contractual obligations. This includes adherence to relevant safety, quality, and environmental management systems relevant to the industry.

Our experienced certification specialists can determine if industry-specific rules, regulations, and standards are being met. We will complete an in-depth analysis, review relevant contracts and documents, and determine whether or not important standards are being followed.

We’re the experts in assessment and certification. Get in touch with our team of certification specialists for more information about second party certification today.

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