How you can use your certification


Certification gives your business an important competitive edge – so you have every right to promote your award and the commitment to quality it represents.

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As a JAS-ANZ accredited certification body, QMS will issue you with a certificate upon successful completion of a certification process. We will also provide you with an ‘approved company mark’ that you can use in marketing, to promote the fact that your organisation is certified.

Certification is a highly valued asset, so there are strict rules regarding the use (and modification) of certification ‘marks’ and logos, the QMS name and logo, and the use of the JAS-ANZ name and logo.

Certification promotion guidelines

Once you are certified, QMS will provide you with comprehensive guidelines regarding the effective (and legal) use of marks and logos. In general, an organisation must have written permission from QMS for the use of our certification marks and associated logos. This permission is inherent in the issuing of a certificate to an organisation, and approved certification marks and logos are provided upon request.


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