Training Course

Introduction to ISO 27001 – Information Security Management Systems Training


Need to know more about the most widely accepted information security management standard in the world? Information Security training provides you with the know how to apply information security management standards simply and effectively in your company or organisation.

An enhanced knowledge of the requirements of an effective information security management system helps boost confidence in your organisation, both internally and externally. QMS can help strengthen your information security management systems through our comprehensive, professional training.

This introductory course will provide participants with valuable knowledge and understanding of ISO27001 now and into the future. Your trainer will help to unravel all the terms and principles in plain and simple language that can be used by real people in everyday businesses and organisations.

Benefits of Information Security Management Training
Information security management training is designed to develop your practical skills and provide confidence in the entire internal assessment process. Internal assessment functions are the guiding force behind information security management systems.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Management Systems
  • What makes a good Information Security Management System?
  • The ISO27001 basic concepts and principles
  • Unpacking the standard-real world examples
  • Brief overview of Annex A
  • Q & A

A certificate of completion will be issued to all course participants.

Exemplar Global Recognition

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By participating in training conducted by QMS Certification Services, your benefits will include:

  • Personnel certification, enhancing your qualifications and employment potential
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  • Continuing professional development opportunities
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