Training Course

Internal Auditor training


As an internal assessor, you will help your organisation to comply with quality and safety standards which impacts the overall productiveness and efficiency of your business.

The Internal Auditor Training Course is designed to develop your practical skills, and provide confidence in the entire internal assessment process.

This introductory course is easy to follow, and will provide participants with all the basic knowledge and practical skills to undertake effective internal assessments, and provide examples of best practice processes including the use of online assessment forms, use of mobile apps for assessments, and automated statistics, reporting and workflows from assessment results.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to management systems and compliance
  • Elements of assessment – terms and definitions
  • Principles of assessment explained
  • The responsibilities of an internal assessor
  • Internal Auditor authority
  • Internal Assessment practice – things to avoid, best practice techniques
  • Review

A certificate of completion will be issued to all course participants.

All attendees to our various training courses receive additional benefits from Exemplar Global including:

  • One year Internal Auditor or Graduate Provisional Auditor certification for all course graduates
  • Access to Exemplar Global Webinars and online events
  • Behavioural assessment for assessors